9 Different Types of Yoga and their Purpose

Yoga includes physical workouts that train the body, breath and mind and connects an individual to his or her spiritual side. It is an eastern form of workout and meditation, which benefits people in very many different ways. This article will assist you learn more about the different types of yoga.

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9 Different Types of Yoga and their Purpose

The following are the various types of yoga and their purpose.

Yoga Type#1: Guru Yoga

In this type of yoga, an individual combines his or her mind to the mind of his or her teacher through meditation. With the assistance of the teacher, one can easily find the inner teacher, i.e. the true nature of his or her mind.

Yoga Type#2: Jnana Yoga

In this type of yoga, a person converts his or her intellectual knowledge to practical wisdom. The purpose of this type of yoga is to allow an individual obtain inner knowledge and the highest meditative state.

Yoga Type#3: Laya Yoga

Laya is a disappearance or dissolution of oneself in harmony of the absolute. The purpose of this yoga type is to turn off the mind of a person so that he or she doesn't act under his or her mind's command, but only according to God's will.

Yoga Type#4: Dhyana Yoga

Dhyana simply means profound meditation. Its purpose is to aim in developing the self consciousness of an individual to the level of his or her perfection.

Yoga Type#5: Saptanga Yoga

Saptanga yoga is usually a combined discipline of sapta-anga (the seven limbs), that is, 6 purifying practices; ecstasy, meditation, breath control, sensory inhibition, seal and posture. Among the many purposes that this type of yoga serves includes; channelizing the mind and relieving stress.

Yoga Type#6: Yantra Yoga

Yantra is a yoga type that usually focuses on improving the status of the mind via the yantra, i.e. geometric representation of the cosmos.

Yoga Type#7: Abhava Yoga

This type of yoga is considered as the yoga of non -being. It refers to the power of non-existence. It is a great yogic workout of immersing into yourself without necessarily using mantras.

Yoga Type#8: Buddi Yoga

Buddi yoga simply means yoga of consciousness. It represents the 8th stage of the 8 fold path consisting of asana, niyama, yama, dharana, pranayama, pratyahara, Samadhi, dhana. This workout is among the most effective yoga exercises that are very effective in relieving stress.

Yoga Type#9: Karma Yoga

Karma yoga is usually seen as a path of devotion to perform. A person normally works when he or she expects an incentive or a reward. In the karma, the state wok is taken as a worship to God. The purpose of this type of yoga is to enable an individual become spiritual by achieving stability of the mind.

In conclusion, there are more other types of yoga that can help you salvation and self realization. It is ideal that you try out the different types of yoga in order to find the specific one that perfectly suits your mind and body and that will assist you improve the quality of your life. Thank you.

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