A Truly Great Western....

"Damn Bull carter," Fred Sturgess said sourly. "I'd sooner shoot the bustard than sell him Yellow Springs,".

Maisie, his wife, gazed disparagingly round the uninviting interior of the log building which served the purpose of ranch-house, living room, kitchen and bedroom, all rolled into one. Its furniture was clumsy and primitive. The rusted iron stove in the corner was a housewife's horror. It was prone to belch forth smoke at inconvenient moments. The heat it produced whether for cooking or for warmth was well-nigh infinitesimal.

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Fred Sturgess knew what his wife was thinking. He loved her, but she no longer loved him. It hurt to realize that his own weakness was responsible for the waning of her affection. Throughout their ten years of married life, he had presented Maisie with nothing more satisfying than failure and bleak poverty.

Physically he was a small man. To add to his insignificance, he wore steel framed spectacles in a land where hawk-like vision was the rule with very few exceptions.

Maisie gave way to the impulse to wound her husband. She broke the silence by saying "You shoot Bull Carter don't make me laugh! You couldn't touch him with a Colt. And have you forgotten Long Ivor and Utah Rincorn? You might as well commit suicide as take on either of those two."

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