It seems everyone that wants to lose weight has an...

It seems everyone that wants to lose weight has an excuse to why they are packing extra pounds."That's what happens when you have kids."Or "When you get older it will happen to you."Ok, I agree there are some hormonal changes going on (which I will discuss in a later post but it touched on here regarding getting pregnant) but a large reason you have extra weight is because you ate shitty food.This is not open for debate, let's just move forward and remain positive.

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Part I

You put on weight because you have an imbalance in your hormones from eating too many refined carbohydrates, starches and sugars.Lack of exercise is probably another factor.Get on the Paleo Train and start exercising.Take lots of fish oil and get at least 8 hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep each night.Don't let life stress you out, most stress is artificially induced and it is really messing with your health.Stay positive and set attainable goals, YOU CAN DO THIS!Stay off the scale, it will lie to you; the mirror and your clothing size should be your feedback.Think long term, this is about health and longevity, the weight didn't go on overnight, so don't expect it to come off that fast.Let me know if I can help.

Part II

I will begin by explaining how and why fat is stored.

Fat is stored in the adipose tissue so that it can be used at a later date as energy.Fat can only be stored as a triglyceride.Your triglycerides cannot move in and out of your adipose tissue as a triglyceride.They must move in and out as free fatty acids and a glycerol molecule (the separate parts).LPL(Lipoprotein Lipase) is the gatekeeper of all your fat.It is what grabs the triglycerides and breaks them down, to allow them to enter the fat cells.The breakdown process is calledLipolysis.Once inside they can reform, this is calledlipogenesis.So your cargo, as discussed in the previous post, is on a loading skid that cannot fit into the storage room.The contents have to be removed to fit through the door and then put back together once inside.Your cargo can move in it's separate entities but it is influenced by several factors to it's destination and state.

So Why are so many of these Triglycerides sticking around in the fat cells?

To explain this we need to take a detailed look at the Master Hormone Insulin.I have discussed insulin in a separate post but it is such a huge influence in your body that I cannot cover everything here.I will keep it brief:

-One of Insulin's major role is to lower the body's blood glucose levels

-One of the ways it lowers blood sugar is by converting it into fat for storage

-Another way is to burn it in the muscles insulin will try and pack it in there too

-Insulin increases LPL activity in the fat cells

-When you burn glucose you create a glycerol molecule as a by product, so it can make more triglycerides in the body by binding to free fatty acids or glucose

-When Insulin is high your fat cells will not release any fat

-The body will burn glucose when it is high and fat when glucose is low


Insulin Resistance (Hyperinsulinimea)

This topic is huge so I will only discuss a portion, which is relevant to fat storage.If your insulin is chronically elevated (you eat too many carbohydrates), you muscles will be the first to become resistant.It will not respond to insulin telling it to store the glucose and instead the glucose will be stored at fat.So now your packing away all your food as fat and your muscles are not getting any nutrients or energy.They start screaming for food, "EAT SOMETHING!!!!!!"So you do, and if it's a shitty option, the process starts all over again.This is why cutting the caloric intake will not achieve long-term success with weight loss.You are not addressing this hormonal imbalance.



Do you get it?Marinate on this stuff for a whilemaybe read it twice.I am going to leave it there, there is more to this but I will save that for another post.

If you are convinced and want to get started read Part I above.

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