3 things you can do before launching into your writing

I've never thought about how I manage to write how I talk, so I had to spend time de-constructing what it is I do before launching into writing.

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After some brainstorming, i've come up with 3 ways to help you do the same. I said it's not difficult and it isn't. You'll understand everything easily, but it's the application that will make a big difference. Ready?

#1 Give yourself permission

Maybe that sounds a bit daft or even woo-woo to you?

I'll make a bet (only a small one mind) that when you're writing, a little voice or a few voices go offin your head:

"can't say that"

"need to say it more intelligently"

"that sounds silly"

"scrub that"

"that's not right"

"(insert name) wouldn't say it like that"

The voices quietly ramble on. They're so quiet that you don't notice them, but you still act on what they're saying. The result? You deny yourself the freedom to say what you want to say, how you really want to say it.

what you can do:

Avoid reading, listening to or watching any of your favorite people's blogs, podcasts or videos just before you write especially if their subject matter is similar to yours. Why?

Because their way of thinking and speaking will be lingering in the back of your mind. You love everything about them so there's a chance their words, their style, could seep in as you write.

Your mind needs to be as clear as it can be from the ideas, opinions and voices of others.

#2 Stop worrying about what others will think

Easier said than done perhaps.

If everyone who visits your website hates your copy, clicks away and never returns, that will be much less or no business for you.

Maybe you're worried that you'll say something one person doesn't like. Maybe a swear word. All of a sudden, news spreads on social media that your writing is awful. Gah!

But do you genuinely believe that everyone will desert you and not stick around to learn from you and buy your products and services? Do you believe deep down that no-one will like you again ever?

What you can do:

Just before writing, remind yourself that there are3 groups of people in the world:

  • Those who like/love you
  • Those who are indifferent
  • Those who dislike you

When you share your words for everyone to see, the response you get depends on the group the person belongs to:

Some people will stick around, learn from you, buy from you, speak only positive words about and to you and give constructive feedback.

Some will be neither here nor there. They can do with or without you. They're not fussed and haven't got much to say to or about you. They'll either tolerate you or ignore you.

The rest will dislike you or even hate you for whatever reason. They will be the ones to harshly criticize you. They'll try to tear you down. They'll be the meanies.

So will you accept that you'll never get everyone to like you, no matter what you leave in or out of your copy?

#3Keep a picture of your best friend nearby

Here's another admission: I've never done this myself; I haven't had to take it that far, so why make such a suggestion? Because that photo of your gorge friend will act as a reminder.

The reminder will be to write like you're talking to your best friend.

Imagine you we're talking to her how you currently write. Would she sit quietly and listen as you spew out a string of personality-drained words? Or would her brow increasingly furrow as she finally asks:

"What's going on. Why you talking like that?"

Would she or wouldn't she be confused and think something was up?

What you can do:

I could suggest grabbing any ol' picture of your friend from Facebook, but how about something a bit more fun?

The best picture you could possibly have is one of your friend with a confused look on her face.

Every time you write, that confused look will push you to keep your writing in line with the real you. Otherwise it's, "why are you talking like that??"

Your challenge will be to get your friend to pull a face so you can take that confused-look picture.

Try the steps and compare the difference with your old copy (and come back and tell me what the difference is).

What has been your biggest challenge in adding personality to your copy? Or have you always found it easy? Tell me in the comments below.

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