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Welcome To North Point Junk Removal

At North Point Junk Removal, our removal professionals have the capability and capacity to haul away all your unwanted items safely and efficiently. We also Supply bin rentals and our hoarding cleanup service.

Working with some of the best equipment and trucks in the industry, our trained staff can help you clear up your home or business. Whether you need a hoarding clean-up, major clear out or single-item removal or dumpster rental, you can count on us.

We are committed to helping create and maintain green communities in our area. Environmentally-sound practices are important to us. Our junk removal specialists will recycle, donate or properly dispose of your unwanted items to keep our communities clean.

What to expect when you work with us.
  • Licensed commercial and residential junk removal company
  • Same day junk removal service
  • Fully insured
  • Bonded
  • Award-winning
  • Customer-friendly
  • Committed to helping create and maintain a green community
  • Locally run business
  • Free estimates based on photos of your junk
North Point Junk Removal offers competitive, cost-efficient pricing for customers in the North Atlanta area. Why not call us today and help us clear your space?

Low price

We offer competitive rates on all our junk removal services. You won’t find any hidden fees or tricky deals.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

North Point Junk Removal offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We work to make our customers happy. *Some restrictions apply.

Flexible pickup

Our schedule is flexible so we can be there when you need us. We are available 7 days a week.

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    Servicing areas of:

    • Cumming
    • Suwanee
    • Alpharetta
    • Dawsonville
    • Ball Ground
    • Canton
    • Buford
    • Dahlonega
    • Gainesville
    • Roswell
    • ​Johns creek

    Located in Cumming, Ga., North Point Junk Removal helps clients in the North Atlanta area including Forsyth County and the surrounding communities.

    Let us remove your unwanted items, furniture, appliances, debris and junk.

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