Kid Dad Fun: The Perfect App for Fathers Day

Put instant fun at Dads fingertips with Kid Dad Fun a new iPad app released for Fathers Day that let's the user instantly choose from 101 Kickass Things for Dads to do with Their Kids. Its full of easy, cheap ways to turn a lazy afternoon into a day the kids will talk about for years. From Suburban Mountain Climbing to Human Whack-A-Mole to Pancake Art, this app makes filling the hours a touch away.

With user-friendly menu and the irresistible artwork for each activity, kids and dads will have a blast just sorting through their options. Each activity is rated by gear required, cost, and odds it will piss your wife off (warning: some are quite high).

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Irreverent, hilarious, and above all, fun, this is the Fathers Day gift for the kickass dad in your life. Buy it at the iTunes store today.

Why Dads Will Love It

Where most parenting apps are like a lecture from a child development professor, Kid Dad Fun is like a buddy giving advice over a beer.

This app is actually created for guys. It speaks to them in their language. For each activity it details what gear they will need, what season to do it in, and the odds itll piss off your wife. Its got all the things guys really care about and hits them where they live.

It provides 101 field-tested, guy-approved activities that dads can easily and inexpensively go out and do with their kids (ages 3-11).

Why This App Really Matters

The app was created with a simple mission: Help dads be better. There is overwhelming evidence that shows the value of dads spending time with their kids:

  • Children who spend more time with their fathers tend have higher self-esteem. (2012 Penn State study of >200 families)
  • Children who spend more time with their fathers are less likely to be bullies. (2010 Vanderbilt Sociology study)
  • Children who spend more time with their fathers develop better social skills and tend to have a stronger sense of self worth. (2011 study from the Journal of Child Development)

Yet contrast that with the fact that:

  • The average father in the United States spends less than 30 minutes each day with their children. (2008 report from the Families and Work Institute)

The fact is that a great many dads need help in this area. Kid Dad Fun offers help in a way that no other app can.

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