A year ago an infamous multi-car crash happened on Highway 99 outside Fresno. Approximately 90 vehicles, cars and trucks, collided due to dense fog. Northern Californians are no strangers to foggy streets and freeways, and seasonal fog can be the catalyst for crashes on many local roads. Now CHP and the California Dept. of Transportation are installing a new fog warning system to inform drivers of fog in the area of the gargantuan pile-up. Previously roads known to be fog-prone lacked such safety measures. Have you or a loved on been involved in a Fresno car or truck accident?

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The new alert system includes signs and sensors. Freeway message signs will reflect fog updates according to information received from fog sensors. Low visibility and poor driving conditions due to fog can create dangerous road scenarios. Additionally roads with high speeds, heavy traffic and no warning system for weather can lead to deadly crashes. Cars, buses and trucks are a risk on these roads. If you have been in a freeway accident, it's not always clear who is to blame, and that is why you need the help of an experienced Law Team.

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