Let's talk about who is a good candiate for an Associate Degree....

Let's talk about who is a good candidate for an Associate Degree. Basically there are three types of people who seek an associate degree program.

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The first type is someone who does not want (or cannot) pursue a bachelors degree but instead wants to attend a US community college. Quite alot of people fall into this group. Many of them are seeking a post-secondary education to get the skills needed to quickly join the workforce or learn a trade.

The next type is someone who wants to pursue a bachelors degree but they decide that they want to complete the first two years of their undergraduate education by getting an associate degree at a community college and then transfering those credit to a four-year college for the last two years. Again, many college bound student fall into this category, and there are many more (in my humble opinion) that should consider it. It's an easy way to transition into the rigors of college without having to jump in with both feet. A lot of students could use that transition. Just think about all the freshmen in college that don't make it. A lot more would make it in college if they went this route.

The third and final group are folks who want to attend associate degree program classes in various subjects areas at a community colleges, but don't want or need to get any type of formal degree at all.I like to call this group the "lifetime learners". They enjoy and relish gaining knowledge in an area they are interesting in for many reason. One of them, for example is to become better at their current job or to gain knowledge in order to move to a new career path.

Any one of these types of people would perform well in a community college or junior college. And the associate online degree programs that the community colleges are offering are normally right down their alley - especially group 3

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