Create action with emotion

Emotions are powerful. There's no doubt about that. And when it comes to marketing, emotion can have a huge impact on the success of a message.

People will open their wallet in response to an emotional pull far more quickly than they will in response to compelling statistics and facts.

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When you're shopping for brand name clothing, it's not the practicality of the shirt that sells it. It's not even how the shirt looks or what it feels like. It's how the shirt makes you feel.

In marketing, you can appeal to rationale, logical thought. This is important to an extent. Using words like improve , double , combat , quality and reliable are good. But often even more important are words that appeal to our emotional side: words like strengthen , fight , intense and pride .

When used properly, emotions can yield a powerful result in marketing. The trick is to do just that-use them properly.

Consider five key emotions when crafting your message:

  1. Fear | Don't scare your audience, but rather allow them to become aware of the things that they are afraid of. If you're selling insurance, reassuring people that they're protected is great. But what's really selling the product is their fear of what will happen if they're not protected.
  2. Greed | We live in a society filled with greed. As wrong as that may be, in marketing, it's an important thing to remember. Play it up. That's why car manufacturers don't just sell cars with the basic safety and performance features required to get from Point A to Point B. They offer upgrade packages. Moon roofs, spoilers, impressive sound systems and shiny alloy wheels are allup-sellsthat play to the emotion of greed.
  3. Passion | Call it love or just a strong attraction, but passion is a driving force in marketing. You can show that your product or service has value, is dependable and is the best of the best. But when people connect that value and dependability to the people they love, the end result is increased sales. Will your service make life easier for those around you that you care about? Will your product protect or create enjoyment for those people?
  4. Pride | Like greed, pride may not be an emotion that society looks upon as a good thing. But the fact of the matter is that not only does it exist, but it can have a strong impact on your marketing campaigns. Pride creates feelings of power, accomplishment and respect. It can also create envy or jealousy. The flashy sports car may not be as practical as the minivan, but it sells because people love the feelings they get when they drive it, and when they're seen driving it.
  5. Shame | You can either create shame or you can make it disappear and either can have an impact on the success of your marketing efforts. It can be a shameful feeling of guilt for not spending enough time with their family that will lead a person to drop everything and invest in a family vacation. That guilt could also be removed by selling board games with the suggestion that just an hour a week of family game time makes everything better.

Pictures, videos, portfolios, samples and demonstrations can be great mediums for spreading your emotion-infused message.

Be careful. Honesty in marketing is always the best policy. Don't let an attempt to inject feelings into your marketing cause your campaign to become anything less than realistic, truthful and genuine. Remember that being real fosters trust.

Are there ways you've used emotion to create action in your marketing efforts? Please share by leaving a comment.

"Reason lead to conclusions; emotion leads to action."

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